Command for WH in CSGO

Command for WH in CSGO – Legal Wallhack in CSGO!

Anyone who has ever played CSGO has encountered such a thing as wallhack. In this article we will present a legal way for which we will not get a VAC BAN.

What is the command for WH in CS GO?

It looks as follows – “r_drawothermodels 2”. Keep reading to learn more about wallhack and how to use it.

How does wallhack work in CSGO?

The cheat allows you to see your opponents through walls. It is the most popular way of cheating in counter strike. Such a solution allows you to target an opponent or shoot at him through walls. Playing such an opponent is tiring and there is no pleasure in it. Wallhack discussed in this article does not work on ranked matches, so it is mainly used for entertainment or training purposes.

How to enable WH using the developer’s console?

The command for WH CSGO – “r_drawothermodels 2”. works after first firing “sv_cheats”. The whole process is as follows:

  1. make sure that you can fire up the developer console in the game.
  2. join a server (it must not be a ranked server).
  3. fire up the console with a tilde (~).
  4. in the console we type the first command – “sv_cheats 1” and confirm it by pressing enter
  5. we type the command on WH – “r_drawothermodels 2” and press enter
    6 Congratulations! You are just using a legitimate WH.

Once again, I will mention that this does not work on ranked servers. That’s why we suggest using it on custom servers or in singleplayer.

Command for WH CSGO – an alternative

It is also possible to use the alternative comment “mat_wireframe”. Firing it will display all elements in the game in the form of “wirefire”. It is also worth testing this solution, as it has four configurations

  • mat_wireframe 1
  • mat_wireframe 2
  • mat_wireframe 3
  • mat_wireframe 4

Is it possible to get a VAC ban for a legitimate WH in CSGO?

No. This method will not be used in ranked matches. It only works on custom servers or single player

Why use the command for WH?

It is a cool way to improve your skills or have fun with friends!

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