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Commands for The Forest – codes for The Forest

The Forest is an interesting survival game, in which you play the role of a passenger of a crashed plane. In this article you will learn what are the necessary codes for The Forest and various commands that significantly simplify the game. They are divided into the main commands for The Forest and others. Read on!

Main codes for The Forest

The main commands for The Forest are introduced in the game menu. With their help you will modify the difficulty level of the gameplay

  • Ironforest – does not allow you to destroy game structures, this can also be disabled in the game settings
  • rawmeatmode – when you die, the save game is deleted (beware!)
  • regrowmode – during sleep 10% of felled trees are restored
  • veganmode – all enemies disappear and it’s hard to meet them in caves
  • vegetarianmode – enemies are only at night
  • woodpaste – repairs any holes created by the elevator or hole cutter in buildings

When you enter one of the above codes into The Forest, the game logo should change. To deactivate the active code, you will need to enter it again.

Developer commands (other)

Other commands for The Forest are entered in the game console. To activate developer mode and the console, type “developermodeon” and press F1. The game console should fire up, where you type the following codes.

  • buildhack on/buildhack off – allows building without materials
  • cavelight on/cavelight off – adds sunlight to caves
  • faststart on/faststart off – skips the initial scene
  • godmode on/godmode off – godmode, no need to worry about anything
  • addallitems – adds all items to the inventory
  • addallstoryitems – adds all story items, 
  • speedyrun on/speedyrun off – allows you to run fast (be careful because you can die)
  • save – save the game anywhere
  • killallenemies – kills all enemies on the island, but they can be revived afterwards
  • enemies on/enemies off – turns enemies on and off
  • cutdowntrees 10 – cuts down 10 trees. You can enter any number
  • cutdowntrees 100% – cuts down 100% of the trees on the island. You can enter from 1 to 100
  • setdifficultymode peacefull/normal/hard/hardsurvival – changes the game mode to the one you enter

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