Candle in Minecraft

How to make candles in Minecraft?

You are wondering how to make a candle in Minecraft? It’s effortless! Insert one string and one honeycomb for crafting. Then you can give the candle a specific colour. You will need a dye, which you put with the candle into the crafting window. This procedure is similar to the creation of sundry fireworks.

Minecraft candle – what is it?

Candles in Minecraft were added with the 1.17 update and are an ideal way to improve the interior of a house. They will allow you to create as many as 16 different colours of light, which allows you to play significantly with the interior decoration!

To place a candle in your cottage, select it from the shortcut bar and right-click on the surface where you want to put it. You can only do this four times per block; they must be the same colour. You cannot mix colours in one block.

How to light a candle in Minecraft?

Click on it with the right mouse button.

Minecraft candle – light levels

As we mentioned, a maximum of 4 candles can be used per block; the light level depends on it.

1 candle – light level 3
2 candles – light level 6
3 candles – light level 9
4 candles – light level 12

To extinguish the light, right-click on the candle with an empty hand. The block on which the candle is placed can be filled with water, and the candle will not break, while the light will stop shining for known reasons.

It is worth mentioning that you can place a single candle on a cake to make a cake. After eating, it will fall to the ground. It is a brilliant gift for birthdays!

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