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Why can’t I use facebook dating? Facebook dating does not work

Some time ago Facebook introduced a new solution to its panel, and it is dating. Thanks to them you will meet new people and even the love of your life, however, what to do when facebook dating does not work? Read this article to find out how to fix it!

Facebook dating I don’t have – why?

Are you looking in the Facebook dashboard for this functionality and it’s not there? You are probably wondering why this is the case. There are several factors that can affect this, it could be: you do not use the Facebook application, you are not the right age (18 years old). If Facebook dating has not appeared on your account, we suggest you download the application for your phone (Android in Google Play, iOS in AppStore). Such a solution can help you.

How to fix Facebook dating?

If you have downloaded the app on your phone and still the option does not appear, you need to follow the following steps to solve this.

Update the app to fix this problem

Chances are that you currently do not have the latest Facebook app on your device, which is why you are not seeing the new features. We recommend updating the app, this should fix the problem of missing Facebook Dating. To avoid this problem in the future, run automatic updates on your phone.

Check your internet connection

If you have a poor Internet connection, it is possible that all options are not loading, which is why you are not seeing Facebook Dating. Try to get a stable internet connection using mobile or Wifi internet.

Clear your phone’s cache

If you can’t use Facebook dating, clear the current cache data. There is a chance that they have become corrupted and therefore the app is not working properly. Clearing the cache should solve this problem. After doing this, check if you can use Facebook dating.

Check for Facebook crashes

Even the biggest sites sometimes have server problems or generate errors on the site. Read online to see if Facebook is currently experiencing problems, as this can limit certain functionality on the server.

Uninstall and reinstall the Facebook app

Very often uninstalling and reinstalling the app helps in the situation of no Facebook dating. This way, the latest version of the app will appear on your device.

Contact the Facebook help center

If you are still unable to use Facebook Dating, the only thing left to do is to contact support. You can send a message to them via your Facebook page. Search for “Facebook Help Center” in your account, which is located on their page.

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